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We are staying committed to the Village of Lancaster, New York and are now located in the Historic Masonic Temple located at 5497 Broadway

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WHOLE Fitness & Wellness delivers realistic, empowering, and individualized fitness classes, education and holistic health promotion in an environment suitable for any and every body. 

We want you feeling WHOLE so you can expect to find an inclusive community that thrives on fun and camaraderie!  No gym-timidation here!

It is not about what the exercise looks like on each person...it’s about what it FEELS like.   It is likely that exercises will also look different based on YOUR needs, goals and experience.

Our commitment is to facilitate wellness to every person we come in to contact with...even if we are not the right match.

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what we offer


Small Group Classes




Group Personal Training 

Restorative Yoga

COMING SEPTEMBER 2021 - Indoor Cycling


InBody Body Composition Analysis

Corporate Wellness

Stress Management Coaching


Holistic Nutrition Guidance

fun in the gym


Wellness WNY

Thank you Sydney Bucholtz and The Buffalo News for taking an interest in the well being of our community and to offer ways to care for our WHOLE selves.

And thank you for asking us to be a part of it! 

Celebrating the           Olympics

 During the summer of 2021 we celebrated the Olympics after each workout with a "real" event for 1 minute.  Pictured above was a balance beam inspired balance challenge.  These events were meant to instill camaraderie amongst our members and bring a smile to their faces.  As you can see it worked - at the expense of one of our amazing trainers, Brandon!  See our social media history for many more fun videos.



Partnered with local Volunteer Fire Departments to both increase physical fitness and perform routine Air Consumption Quality tests. This ensures each firefighter knows their individual oxygen consumption during exertion -- mimicking a fire call.  Sixty percent of all on-call firefighter deaths are due to heart attacks.  Physical fitness is a high priority for their safety and your's.

What do others say about wHOLE FITNESS & WELLNESS?

"Kelly is so inspiring!"

I have taken classes with Kelly for 2 years and have been so happy with her knowledge and her whole approach to wellness. She is a genuine soul who cares about all of her students that enter her studio. Exercises will look different on all of us. She encourages us to move and listen to our bodies. This is a safe space to explore all that fitness training and yoga can do to help us find our most healthy selves.

~ Amy

"Kelly is fully dedicated to helping you reach your goals!"

Where to begin...Kelly immediately comes to mind as someone who is doing what they were meant to do in life. She's a positive light and her studio is a welcoming place for all. Her space offers a variety of classes and training and I would recommend her to anyone and her yoga really is a must try!

~ Lori

"Kelly will make sure you leave feeling accomplished!"

Kelly is hands down the most genuine person I’ve ever met in the health & wellness industry. She will always level will you and always make sure you’re meeting your goals without injuring yourself. She’s not a get in your face trainer and I LOVE that. She motivates her clients by bringing out YOUR own desire to get fit which is the most important thing and she knows that!


I just took kickboxing with Leslie and she did not disappoint!! It was a great workout and she does an amazing job keeping you motivated. Would highly recommend!!  ~ Katie

Great workout at your own pace! Leslie is AMAZING!!!!!!! ~Liz

Whole Fitness and Wellness is truly a unique community. I drive 25 minutes to get there but it’s WORTH IT! Kelly and Brandon help tailor the workout classes to fit your individual needs. They push and encourage you throughout the class as do the other members. Kelly is PHENOMENAL- she is a trainer, mindful life coach and counselor all wrapped into one. She has helped me grow so much - physically, mentally, and emotionally these last few months. I highly recommend checking out a class.  ~Mary