We love our teachers and other school administration! They help shape the future of our community every day. Whole Fitness & Wellness honors their work and wants to support them in the best way they know how - a safe place for them to explore the limits of their bodies and a constructive way to relieve stress.

We accommodate our teachers with class times that coincide with their schedules.

Did you see the gorgeous flower pots in the Village of Lancaster during the Summer of 2021? Part of our staff and membership base volunteered to help beautify the Village along with Assemblymember Monica Wallace, Mayor Lynne Ruda, the talented Richard Groblewski, many other volunteers and our DPW.

When you clean up your body, that often leads to cleaning up your thoughts, your relationships and often your own community!

Join us and Lilly Belle Meads every Thursday night at 6:00 for a FREE workout.

We promote JOY!

Combining movement, nature, social connection and locally made delicious products is the WHOLE package and a great way to start the weekend. Stay tuned to our social media page for updates and schedules. And check out Lilly Belle Meads while you're in the village.