About Kelly

I am the owner of WHOLE Fitness & Wellness and I have more than 10 years of experience as a health and fitness professional. My personal mission is to facilitate holistic health and vitality through education, functional exercise, relaxation/stress management and empowerment. My focus on paced habit formation creates an environment conducive to long lasting change and client success!

Prior to starting my own business, I worked 3 ½ years for the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Life/Wellness Coach. I have also worked through the local YMCA and shared my love of wellness by leading classes and group personal training sessions to members of all ages.

Most recently, I have taken on the Corporate Wellness field within my local community and established myself as a one-stop-shop to all things WELLNESS. With this experience, I have guided several thousands of people from varying cultures, countries, ages and abilities toward healthy and holistic lifestyles by promoting behavior change for not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

Come in and feel the difference of working with educated and experienced professionals in a family atmosphere!